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My Story

My name is Brandi Miles and I'm your Veteran Life Coach! I served my country in the Mississippi Army National Guard for 16 years as an Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Logistical Specialist (92A & 92Y). When I was medically retired in 2014, I felt pretty lost and out of control. I lost control of my marriage, my children, my mind. I lost control of everything and for someone that was training to have everything together I completely fell apart. For the next 4 years I was in a dark place, and I speak about some of those dark places in my chapter "Cage Fight-Overcoming the Battle in the Mind." In 2018, I met my best friend, Natasha, and she helped me start moving forward from my mental illness and helped me discover who I really wanted to become - and that was a Life Coach. I started Life Coaching school in the beginning of 2019 at Coachville where I received a full scholarship! Coachville has changed my life and everyone around me too. Now, all I dream of doing is helping other veterans get out of that controlling military mindset and help guide them into living their own dreams one veteran at a time!!  


"Let me help you move from control to freedom!"

My Mission

My mission in life is to help veterans transition out of the military mindset of control and help guide them to step into freedom and start living their dreams! I help guide them into playing life again, so they can get out of their own way and start living again. We explore social play like a treasure map to see where it's really coming from. We explore and redesign all 9 Environments of you to help you start winning all areas of you.

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