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Testimonial: Jay Maakestad

My experience at Unleashed the Power Within (UPW) will be one of the most memorable growth experiences that I will never forget. I would put it up there with the last 3 days of bootcamp where recruits go through what’s called the crucible resulting in being called a Marine instead of a fill in the blank 🙂 Obviously UPW wasn’t physically challenging like bootcamp but the mental/emotional aspect really opened a lot of doors for me. The first day I remember going through an exercise that helps assess the four primary needs in life (consistency, inconsistency, significance and love). Long story short I came into this event where my primary need was through significance through my work, which really wasn’t satisfying to me. Deep down I have always wanted to pay it forward but wasn’t exactly sure. After the first day I started to see daylight, a new passion started to reveal itself.

As I started to become more comfortable with the other vets I realized how much I missed the camaraderie that we all inherently have. 17 years have passed since I had this experience and us all being together in this environment really put a new fire in my belly. After talking with Matt and the direction he wants to take this I realized how much I wanted to get involved with help. I can help other vets go through this life changing experience. The experience to me was life changing but what I witness with all the other vets is really what hit home. I am lucky compared to what some of these others have went through. I can also say no drug in the world can fix these issues compared to what is provided at UPW.

Tony Robbins has a remarkable gift of helping people address root cause issues accompanied with the correct tools to grow. I feel like psychology has several tools that can be used and UPW really open the door to a new tool bag. These tools can be used ongoing, just like a carpenter and their tool bag. Personally there was a lot of tear down and rebuild during our 3 days. I honestly walked into this event decent. Hindsight, I had some forgiveness that I need to address, revaluations of self, and redefinition of my goals. It wasn’t a simple process, there were a few tears, but also a good amount of laughs and hugs and support from fellow veterans. Also, the support of this event including the crew members is top notch. I have never been at an event with so much positive vibe. Tony is a master at getting you out of your comfort zone and pushing the boundaries and witnessing triumph among others is a new addiction.

I have waited a few weeks to write because I wanted to let it all settle in and really observe myself afterwards. What I see is a family was formed. All of us vets are still together and talk daily though social platforms. We are in the process of setting up a non-profit to really amp this up and I have never seen a group of people take on projects with so much determination. I am so thankful for Matt and Theresa and their courage to form this group. I truly believe we can help disabled vets in so many facets.

Semper Fi – God Speed

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  1. Forever Proud!

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