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Testimonial: Lola Warren

I just had the privilege to attend Unleash the Power Within with 26 other veterans from around the country. Thanks for the perseverance and selflessness of Matt and Theresa who decided to star a go fund me account and put all this together in an effort to help veterans battling PTSD and suicide. Matt had attended one of your seminars and realized the positive impact this could have in their lives. I must say I was blown away by the organization and well of knowledge this seminar possessed. I had bought pretty much every single book that Tony Robbins has written but I never had the opportunity to be face to face. I have so much gratitude for the outcome of the event and it far exceeded our expectations. Most of the veterans that attended currently have amazing testimonies. Also a Facebook page was created to make sure we are able to keep sending veterans to this event because we are certain of the impact this will have in their lives.

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