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Testimonial: Stan Goworek

Health Coach Stan

Hello everyone at Veterans Unleashed!  I first want to thank both Matthew & Therese Sanchez for making this Tony Robbins UPW event possible for us combat veterans!  And a special shout out to all the donors because without their generosity I would not have been able to attend this “life transforming” event with this great group of folks!  The natural BONDING between VETERANS is second to NONE and I made some friendships that I know will last a lifetime. What a BLESSING!
Before the event, I was feeling, ya know, “FINE” about LIFE.  I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, or so I thought: the gym, studying, facebooking, hanging out, church, helping my elderly parents out, as well as running a health coaching ministry, Health Coach Stan, LLC.  I was doing my TASKS but was lacking that inner PASSION & CONNECTION. Truthfully, I was lonely as a relationship I was in ended and I decided to go on a “BREAK” to learn more about me; however, I’m not sure I was ALL IN with accomplishing that?
When Matthew Sanchez and I connected, I said to myself “HEY, why not go to this UPW event with fellow veterans and get out of my RUT.  I was totally EXCITED about Veterans Unleashed having me at the event with this great group of veterans from all over the country and from every branch of service.  I literally packed my bags in under and hour and was on my way to the event the next day!
The training, music, power, connection and just LOVE I felt during the event was AMAZING!  You get out of UPW what you put into it while you are there AND especially when you leave and ACTUALLY take MASSIVE ACTION to put into practice what you LEARNED.
My #1 take-away from UPW was to focus on IMMERSION.  I am a “Jack of all Trades” type and that wasn’t going to cut it for my health & wellness ministry; at least not if I ever wanted it to truly CHANGE LIVES!  I got back from UPW with a new FOCUS on what matters most: MYSELF! I am now making and sticking with my WHOLE PERSON changes by making new priorities: the gym and my health & wellness studies and ministry.  I rise early and take care of me FIRST with prayer, priming, meditation, the gym and then I IMMERSE myself in my studies. I take what I am LEARNING and APPLYING it directly with the clients I am blessed to work with and not making EXCUSES!
I thank GOD for all of you and I so look forward to keeping the life changing CONNECTIONS going!

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